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  “Enabling the world of business to Evolve and adapt Effectively

    by Enhancing existing investments and Embracing progressive ideas

    when Employing practical technologies and Ensuring global compliance

     therefore Empowering the people to achieve and Elevating True Enterprise ROI”™ 

     – Book of Anthony™

Hybrid Decisions Corp (HDC) specializes in cost-conscious high-performance based Hybrid Computing. 
HDC Offerings/Products leverage Customer's existing investments/systems with the cloud – thus Simplifying Hybrid Computing™.  Please see our Offerings Page  for more information.

Based on our performance, we have achieved 3 case studies with Microsoft and our products are not only certified, but have earned us the "FrontRunner" status in multiple Gen2010™ (Generation 2010) technologies that are mainstream today.   Currently HDC is actively involved with multiple Gen2016+ technologies – to continue "helping shape {our corner of} the world for tomorrow"™.

HDC had the privilege of being Launch Partners with Microsoft in Dallas and Houston, in 2 tracks and were the only US partner to achieve this at Microsoft's LAST multi-product Launch Tour in 2010.  

Hybrid Decisions Corp is a US based Texas Corporation formed in 2005.  Powered by professionals who have evolved with the IT/IS industry and the Business of Technology, over the last 20+ years.  Constantly staying a head of the curve by being involved with the pre-release technologies from Microsoft and Fujitsu.  Thus being able to provide longer-lasting practical solutions today that can grow with tomorrow – resulting in a higher ROI.

HDC is a one-stop-shop and encompasses the following industry segments {ISV + VAR + SI} ... thus being able to provide blueprints and then deliver the finished building, irrespective of whether its Software, Hardware, Resources or Services.
» Have our own product suites = ISV : Independent Software Vendor
» Embed & resell Microsoft Software (licenses) and Fujitsu Hardware = VAR : Value Added Reseller
» Horizontally intersect Hardware & Software across multiple verticals of Existing Investments = SI : Systems Integrator

Crux:      Contact us  for Strategic Enterprise Computing
               ... with a focus on balancing Technology with CapEx & OpEx  for True ROI «±»
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Welcome to Hybrid Decisions® Corp

Stay tuned for our NEW Gen2018™ Hybrid-Cloud  Offerings, new site and more.

tidbit:    This site was built as a "proof-of-concept"  ... during a live demo
of an early predecessor to Office 365,   then later migrated to Office 365,
and preserved as-is for the most part, as proof of us being Early Adopters.

... consistently since 2005,'06,'07,'08,'09,'10,'11,'12,'13,'14,'15,'16,'17 & 2018

© 2017 Hybrid Decisions® Corp        |        Simplifying Hybrid Computing®

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