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   “Enabling the world of business to Evolve and adapt Effectively

    by Enhancing existing investments and Embracing progressive ideas

    when Employing practical technologies and Ensuring global compliance

     therefore Empowering the people to achieve and Elevating True Enterprise ROI”™ 

     – Book of Anthony™

    Our Capabilities - highlighted by Microsoft

Latest UN-EDITED SINGLE-TAKE UserGroup.TV recordings (see on their site) of our Founder's sessions at SQL Saturday 2016 and Houston TechFest 2016, more of our Community Efforts.

*** NOTE: These videos, Case Studies and Logos are evidence of how long ago our competencies/capabilites were recognized.

UN-EDITED SINGLE-TAKE Microsoft TechNet Edge Radio recording shows how early we kicked off our Community Effort to nurture Cloud & Cluster Computing (

Microsoft Case Study #1 - on Hybrid Cloud & Cluster Computing
Microsoft Case Study #2 - on Productivity with Cloud Computing
Microsoft Case Study #3 - on our Hybrid Cloud Computing Platform

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Stay tuned for our NEW Gen2018™ Hybrid-Cloud  Offerings, new site and more.

titbit:    This site was built as a "proof-of-concept"  ... during a live demo
of an early predecessor to Office 365,   then later migrated to Office 365,
and preserved as-is for the most part, as proof of us being Early Adopters.

... consistently since 2005,'06,'07,'08,'09,'10,'11,'12,'13,'14,'15,'16 & 2017

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Consistently Gold 2005-to-2017 ...