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DISCLAIMER: Our Safer_Computing™ Platform powers us ... since 2005. One of its features is "zero-knowledge", that means our Customers are in control of their respective Master-keys (used for encryption) and we have "zero-knowledge". Our Safer_Computing™ Platform includes practices, such as ( just a sampling) :

  • we do not "spy"/"mine"/"track" our customers,
  • we do not mask/cover/paraphrase such actions as "telemetry"
  • we go the extra-mile to encrypt at-rest/storage and in-transit, Customer's Privileged Data.

… a zero-debt company reduces (y)our risk … so does our Safer_Computing™ Platform ... from, e.g., Ransomware, SOX, GDPR, etc.,

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*** Communication is key and can make/break ...

RECOMMEND you use the above secure online forms to help us provide you a "faster & more pertinent" response — this way you control what gets into the forms and limit possible "disconnects-in-communication" (among other things).

Should you still decide on the alternate methods (call-in), the same forms will be filled by our representatives, we prefer to have our representatives focus on Support (if you ever need it)

… trust you see there are NO "chat-bots" ( the online equivalent of an automated phone) … everything/tech has a place !

We believe in practicing what we preach/sell — so we "dog-food" our offerings, in this case you benefit from and get to experience first hand our streamlined implementation of our Simpler_Collaboration™ Products in-concert-with our Safer_Computing™ Platform.

… trust you recognize our caliber!

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Headquarters Mail: PO Box 572312, Houston, TX 77257

General / Sales: (+1) 713.364.3643

Support Only: (+1) 281.766.4HDC (4432)