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Simplifying Hybrid Computing® … since 2005

Hybrid Computing {Existing Tech + New Tech + Techies} = ROI

1≋ Our Relationships — Enable Us Deliver™

Microsoft, Intel, Samsung, Amazon, Google, and counting … you are only as strong as your team

2≋ Our Capabilities — Enable You Deliver™

over ¼ century of hands-on exposure | experience | expertise being a part of the computing evolution

3≋ Our Offerings — Enable Your ROI™

see below Case Studies of Our "Hybrid Cloud" Offerings {Products|Platforms|Specialty Services}

4≋ Our Community Efforts — Enable Others

we welcome and encourage support for our community via www.HCCUG.org

Want to adopt & leverage Hybrid Computing

— Cloud, Hybrid Cloud, Data_Analytics/Insight, Tiny/Small/Big Data, AI/Machine_Learning, Safer_Computing™, Faster_Computing™, etc., —

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proof: we've been in it since 2008 … see below Case Studies + our Community Efforts


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Data Insight


Other recordings

UN-EDITED SINGLE-TAKE UserGroup.TV recordings (see on their site) of our Founder's sessions at SQL Saturday 2016 and Houston TechFest 2016, more of our Community Efforts.


UN-EDITED SINGLE-TAKE Microsoft TechNet Edge Radio recording shows how early we kicked off our Community Effort to nurture Cloud & Cluster Computing (HCCUG.org)

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