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Founders : 25+ years in HYBRID Computing

Uncompromised_Computing™ … with Unix, Linux, & Microsoft technologies

HDC® : 15+ years in Hybrid CLOUD Computing

Safer_Computing™ … with OpenSource-stack & Microsoft-stack

We thank our 2 key Partners for recognizing our capabilities (since 2005)

MICROSOFT Redmond/HQ & Houston/South-Central, for inviting us to be part of the BIRTH & EVOLUTION of Microsoft Cloud — Office 365, Azure, Win HPC Server, etc.

FUJITSU America, specifically their 2010 US leadership, for working with us to build our Hybrid Cloud Appliances — resulting in the sale of their First BX900 sold in the USA

below are some Microsoft ⁞ Fujitsu ⁞ Community

evidence of our

pro-privacy no-knowledge Safer_Computing

Hybrid Cloud capabilities … as early as 2010

now with more Open Source options, including AI/ML and no-AI options ~ limited to SELECT FEW Customers, click here to apply



as of 2010 … with built-in Safer_Computing™ … ± AI


Big ⁞ Small ⁞ Tiny Data Science

with Safer_Computing™ … ± AI


Distributed Collaboration ⁞ GTD

with Safer_Computing™ … ± AI

evidence of Fujitsu spotlighting our unified Hybrid Computing Platform's "Hybrid Cloud Appliance" at Microsoft World Partner Conference 2013

We were spotlighted by Fujitsu (a Microsoft platinum sponsor) at the 2013 Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference (WPC), for our "High Availability Cluster-in-a-Box" (a.k.a Hybrid Cloud Appliance) that was built on Fujitsu equipment, shipped directly from Fujitsu Germany, and powers/drives our Hybrid Computing Platform, which includes our {Faster_Computing™ + Intelligent_Computing™ + Safer_Computing™ + Productive_Computing™ }

guest on Microsoft TechNet Edge Radio

  • UN-EDITED SINGLE-TAKE recording shows how early on our CLOUD expertise & efforts were recognized by Microsoft click here for recording

some recordings of Talks at conferences

  • UN-EDITED SINGLE-TAKE recordings of our talks at Houston SQL Saturday (SqlSaturday.com is another victim of Covid) and Houston TechFest, recorded and provided by UserGroup.TV

our community efforts … since 2008

≋ Our Relationships — enable "us" deliver

Microsoft, Intel, Amazon, RedHat, Google, Samsung, and counting

≋ Our Capabilities — enable "you" deliver

Business-aware pragmatic Technologists, recognized & invited to multiple NDA programs (e.g., Microsoft's Customer Advisory Board, Architect & Dev Councils, Early Adopter, Google, etc.), speaking at Microsoft Events & more

≋ Our Offerings — elevate your ROI™

Our "Hybrid Cloud" Offerings {Products | Platforms | Specialty Services}

≋ Our Community efforts — enable others

With Microsoft's help we founded Houston Cloud Computing User Group in 2008 (now with 1K+ members), and as of 2018 with Google, we founded & organize Houston Google Cloud User Group (a.k.a. Houston GDG Cloud)

glimpse of our capabilities built over the decades …

tech-terms in simple english … so you know what we mean

  • Cloud = XaaS (anything-as-a-service), e.g., GSuite, Office365, etc.

  • Multi-Cloud = multiple XaaS offerings from different providers (e.g., Microsoft + Google)

  • Hybrid Cloud Computing = leveraging on-Premise tech with in-Cloud offerings (including multi-cloud)

  • Data Science = the art of processing raw Data and extracting Information that is worthwhile/actionable

  • Hybrid Computing = Existing tech investments + New practical tech (e.g., Hybrid Cloud) investments ... our specialty!