HDC® Offerings

built in the USA … for the global market

Here's a glimpse of our built-in ethical computing standards …

  • we ENCRYPT customer data (beyond just Personal Identifiable Information, PII) in-transit & at-rest/storage -AND- our customers retain their Encryption Master keys -AND- are NOT locked-in by us.

  • we RESPECT privacy & LISTEN to feedback. Therefore, we have NO need to "spy" or "mine" our customers and then mask/paraphrase such actions as "gathering telemetry to better serve you".

Basically, all our offerings leverage our Safer_Computing™ Platform (with No_AI™ & Ethical_AI™ options) enhanced by SaferOS™ … with built-in efficacy that mitigates & future-proofs our Offerings and our Customers …
e.g., GDPR was a non-issue for us, and our customers, due to our Safer_Computing™ standards

★★★ Want the HDC Confidential Access Program (HDC-CAP) benefits RESERVED for SELECT/vetted Customers?
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≋ Trusted Advisor

for those who recognize & care about having access to caliber/expertise

▸ CTO/CIO as-a-Service

for those who do not need a full-time CTO but still want a CTO

▸ Strategic-Advisor as-a-Service

for those who have a CTO or Trusted Tech person/team and want periodic advice

background: Served in various trusted capacities in multiple Microsoft's NDA programs, including Customer Advisory Board (CAB), Dev Council, Architect Council, and multiple Insider programs ... and Google's NDA programs

audience: Decision Makers (irrespective of title) who, (a) can & will execute, and/or (b) recognize & desire an edge, and want to:

  • adopt new-but-practical Technologies (e.g., Cloud, AI, IoT, Blockchain) while maximizing existing investments … augmented with HDC.Safer_Computing™ & HDC.Faster_Computing™

  • exceed specific Business goals (e.g., balancing, CapEx, & OpEx, Licensing) … augmented with HDC.Clearer_Insight™ & HDC.Simpler_Collaboration™

  • benefit from experienced SMEs … augmented with our Tier-1 relationships' offerings/products

Tier-1 = Microsoft, Google, Amazon/AWS, IBM/RedHat, Oracle, etc.,

≋ Niche Advisor

for those who want specific advice ... and recognize this is not generic consulting

▸ Subject Matter Expert (SME)

professionals with depth expertise & breadth experience across, industries, roles (e.g., Architect, Dev), technologies (e.g., AI/ML. Data Science, C/C++, Linux, etc)), and more

▸ Systems Integrator (SI)

horizontally integrate across multiple verticals of your Tech Investments, both existing and new, from multiple vendors

▸ Value Added Reseller (VAR)

software licenses, select hardware, and signature services, of our Tier-1s ... limited to select few customers after 2016

≋ Hybrid Computing Platforms

Our Platforms = Software + Hardware + Processes + Services (leverageable by various industries/markets) … are infused with Safer_Computing

▹ HDC.Faster_Computing™

reduce time to crunch/compute data (e.g., Case Study #1, 2wks to 90mins in 2010) with On-Prem, In-Cloud, Hybrid-Cloud options

▹ HDC.Intelligent_Computing™

better clarity in & from data, with Hybrid-Cloud Analytics (e.g., Case Study #3)

▹ HDC.Productive_Computing™

simplify collaboration and GTD Getting-Things-Done (e.g., Case Study #2)

& more, such as:

  • HDC.GlobalOffice™ (internal only)
    Manage, Massage, & Analyze Data

≋ Hybrid Cloud Provider

beyond just Microsoft's Cloud Solution Provider (CSP)

mix-n-match Clouds (e.g., Microsoft's, Amazon's, Google, and DIY/Private/OpenSource options), with the ability to connect into on-premise investments/infrastructure

≋ Select Hardware Reseller

▹ Servers & Appliances

function-focused, Storage, High-Compute, Database, Firewall, etc.

▹ Edge Devices

handhelds, laptops, workstations, specialty IoT devices, etc.

bonus: you also get the best-of-breed Cloud | Software | Hardware — relevant to your need — via us, your 1-stop shop, based on our strategic relationships with Tier-1 companies … developed over the years (see our caliber page)

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