built in the USA … for the global market

a glimpse of built-in standards you get with us …

☆ we RESPECT privacy & LISTEN to feedback — therefore we have no need to "spy" or "mine" our customers and then mask/paraphrase such actions as "telemetry" — so, GDPR is a non-issue for us

☆ we go the extra mile & ENCRYPT customer data in-transit & at-rest/storage — PLUS, our customers retain the Encryption Master keys — we prefer to avoid the avoidable

≋ Trusted Advisor

for those who recognize & care about having access to caliber/expertise

▸ CTO/CIO as-a-Service

for those who do not need a full-time CTO but still want a CTO

▸ Strategic-Advisor as-a-Service

for those who have a CTO or Trusted Tech person/team and want periodic advice

experience? Served in various trusted capacities in multiple Microsoft's NDA programs, including Customer Advisory Board (CAB), Dev Council, Architect Council, and multiple Insider programs ... and Google's NDA programs

audience? Decision Makers (irrespective of title) who, (a) can & will execute, and/or (b) recognize & desire an edge, and want to:

  • adopt new-but-practical Technologies (e.g., Cloud, AI, IoT) while maximizing existing investments … augmented with HDC.Safer_Computing™ & HDC.Faster_Computing™
  • exceed specific Business goals (e.g., balancing, CapEx, & OpEx, Licensing) … augmented with HDC.Clearer_Insight™ & HDC.Simpler_Collaboration™
  • benefit from experienced SMEs … augmented with our Tier-1 relationships' offerings/products

Tier-1 = Microsoft, Google, Amazon/AWS, IBM/RedHat, Oracle, etc.,

≋ Niche Advisor

for those who want specific advice ... and recognize this is not generic consulting

▸ Subject Matter Expert (SME)

professionals with depth expertise & breadth experience across, industries, roles (e.g., Architect, Dev), technologies (e.g., AI/ML. Data Science, C/C++, Linux, etc)), and more

▸ Systems Integrator (SI)

horizontally integrate across multiple verticals of your Tech Investments, both existing and new, from multiple vendors

▸ Value Added Reseller (VAR)

software licenses, select hardware, and signature services, of our Tier-1s

≋ Hybrid Cloud Provider

encompasses Microsoft's Cloud Solution Provider (CSP)

mix-n-match Clouds (e.g., Microsoft's, Amazon's, Google, and DIY/Private/OpenSource options), with the ability to connect into on-premise investments/infrastructure

≋ Hybrid Computing Platforms

Our Platforms = Software + Hardware + Processes + Services leverageable by various industries/markets

minimize risk in today's world of computing, (e.g., breach, ransomware, GDPR) with both closed-source/Windows & inexpensive open-source/Linux options

▹ HDC.Faster_Computing™

reduce time to crunch/compute data (e.g., Case Study #1, 2wks to 90mins in 2010) with On-Prem, In-Cloud, Hybrid-Cloud options

▹ HDC.Intelligent_Computing™

better clarity in & from data, with Hybrid-Cloud Analytics (e.g., Case Study #3)

▹ HDC.Productive_Computing™

simplify collaboration and GTD Getting-Things-Done (e.g., Case Study #2)

& more, such as:

  • HDC.SyncThat™
Map, Crunch/Compute, & Synchronize Data
  • HDC.GlobalOffice™
Create, Manage, & Analyze Data
  • HDC.ePubPoint™
Collaborate, Collate, & Publish Data

≋ Select Hardware Reseller

▹ Servers & Appliances

function-focused, Storage, High-Compute, Database, Firewall, etc.

▹ Edge Devices

handhelds, laptops, workstations, specialty IoT devices, etc.

Our strategic relationships with Tier-1 companies

means you get the best-of-breed Cloud | Software | Hardware — means relevant to your need — via us, your 1-stop shop

since 2005 … our Products earned us Microsoft Gold Partner status

1 of our many Open Source options



powering our Hardware & Appliances … since 2005



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