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a glimpse of built-in standards you get with us …

  • we Respect privacy & Listen to feedback — therefore we have no need to "spy" or "mine" our customers and then mask/paraphrase such actions as "telemetry"

  • we go the extra mile & Encrypt customer data in-transit & at-rest/storage — plus, our customers retain the Encryption Master keys — we prefer to avoid the avoidable

Products & Platforms

≋ Safer_Computing™

products & processes for minimizing risk, (e.g., breach, ransomware, GDPR) with both closed-source/Windows & inexpensive open-source/Linux options

≋ Faster_Computing™

products & API's that reduce time to crunch/compute data (e.g., Case Study #1, 2wks to 90mins in 2010) with On-Prem, In-Cloud, Hybrid-Cloud options

≋ Clearer_Insight™

get clarity in & from data, with Hybrid-Cloud Analytics (e.g., Case Study #3)

≋ Simpler_Collaboration™

simplify collaboration and Getting-Things-Done (e.g., Case Study #2)

& more, such as:

  • HDC.SyncThat™ – Map, Crunch/Compute, & Synchronize Data
  • HDC.GlobalOffice™ – Create, Manage, & Analyze Data
  • HDC.ePubPoint™ – Collaborate, Collate, & Publish Data

Signature Services

≋ SCP : Strategic Consulting Provider

audience: Decision Makers (irrespective of title) — those for whom the wins/gains matter and who can & will execute.

services: various (excluding "body-shop/placements" and "off-shore development") — such as:

  • strategic options to adopt/leverage Technology (e.g., Cloud, AI, IoT)
  • to meet/exceed specific Business, CapEx, & OpEx goals (e.g., Licensing)
  • while leveraging our expertise + portfolio + strategic top-tier relationships

CSP : Cloud Solution Provider

multi-vendor cloud provider, e.g., Microsoft, Google, Amazon/AWS, Open Source options, etc.

VAR : Value Added Re-seller

embed, resell, license our Partner's Offerings (software & hardware)

SI : Systems Integrator

horizontally integrate across multiple verticals of you Tech Investments

SME: Subject Matter Experts

actual domain experts in various fields, both established and burgeoning fields

Our strategic relationships with top-tier companies

means you get the best-of-breed Software | Hardware | Services — relevant to your need — via us, your 1-stop shop

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≋ Servers & Appliances

Storage, High-Compute, Database, Firewall, and specialty function-focused Appliances, etc.

≋ Edge Devices

handhelds, laptops, workstations, and specialty IoT devices, etc.

Cloud ⋅ Hybrid-Cloud ⋅ DIY/Private Cloud

consistently Microsoft GOLD Partner … since 2005 to 2019

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