a crucial yet often overlooked/excluded aspect

All our offerings leverage our Safer_Computing™ Platform (with No_AI™ & Ethical_AI™ options) and encompass:

  • Products purpose-built quality software + hardware — e.g., SaferOS™ with Safer_Apps™ on Safer_Devices™ & Safer_Appliances™

  • Patterns practical DevOps patterns, even if it costs a little more upfront — e.g., part of the few, to implement encryption at-rest & in-transit

  • Practices Uncompromised_Computing™ + ethical future-proofing — e.g., pro-privacy standards that precede & supercede GDPR

  • Processes efficiently dovetails with zero to minimal disruption — e.g., SaferOS™ has usability feature "mimic-mode" for Windows & Mac users

  • Policies simple, clear, and upfront, saves time & nutures good-faith e.g., only SELECT/vetted customers have access to SaferOS™ in an effort to prevent nefarious usage of the pro-privacy operating system and its Safer_Suite™.

Basically, we do all this & more so our customers want to be with us and not have to be with us!

steadfast & thankful for the 15+ years of Safer_Computing™ (2005~2020)

powered by minds that evolved with computing, over the 25+ years

2020: While the world was hurting and many Tech companies grew … we shifted focus to our people and our Houston community in-need via™, cancelled our 15th anniversary celebrations, and delayed related announcements, and events … to 2021/2022.

suffice to say there is more to why we are characterized by 3 Microsoft Case Studies as niche / boutique / enablers!

If you are wondering, why the following 4 soft-launch announcements & more are …

  • not on our home page well, the home page is proof of how looong we have been ahead-of-the-curve,

  • not on our main menu well, this page is linked to from various parts of our site and is for the benefit of those who care to read our site


Thank our Zane Moreign (Incubation Labs R&D-1) for his years of quite some valuable offerings at no-charge for our community, and for the new offerings slated for release in 2021!

announcing … the completely NEW slew of Zane Moreign's Simple_Safety™ Series of Talks, Articles, Video, and more

(e.g., spanning simple How-To's, Product Reviews, reviving his twitter handle @ZaneMoreign, and a whole lot more)

announcing … Zane Moreign's Simple_Safety™ Digital_Privacy_&_Survival_Kit (DPSK) … release scheduled for 2021-Q2

  • Zane continues to carve out some Tools-&-Tips from our commercial Hybrid Decisions® Safer_Computing™ Platform. For areas that we do not build software (e.g., windows band-aids), Zane continues to seek out third-party offerings — thus striving to get the best for the audience.

  • Zane Moreign's Simple_Safety™ DPSK is made available per our simple Disclaimer (at the bottom of this page) at no-charge/free for Friends of Our Community Effort,™

~~~ Zane's Simple_Safety™ Toolkit FREE for Friends-n-Family … End-of-Life (EOL) 2020 ~~~

  • After the surge of ransomware in 2016, coupled with the massive Telemetry Gathering in Windows 10, Zane Moreign (of our Incubation Labs) launched his Simple_Safety™ series to offer simple & safer computing tools-n-tips to our Friends-n-Family and Community — for FREE — by carving out some $0 Tools-n-Tips from our commercial Hybrid Decisions® Safer_Computing™ Platform (gist above)

  • All credit goes to Zane Moreign for creating this and continuing to make every effort to keep this toolkit up-to-date and current with the latest release of Windows 10, and for getting sponsorship/recognition from us/Hybrid Decisions®, Tor Project, DoD/US Air Force Research Labs, and others.

  • Over the years Zane has evolved his Simple_Safety™ Toolkit … which was like playing wack-a-mole with the constant shifting/changes of Windows10 with every build/release … this toolkit has reached End-of-Life (EOL) —— ESPECIALLY given where we ALL are with the new-normal and the above announcements.

pre-announcing … next round of applications for our Safer_Computing™ Operating System … Hybrid Decisions® SaferOS™

— exclusively on our Safer_Devices™ (client-side, e.g., laptops, 2-in-1's, hand-helds, IoT, etc.), and our Safer_Appliances™ (server-side, e.g., 288-core small HPC Appliance)

announcing … Hybrid Decisions® Confidential Access Program (HDC-CAP)
"Exclusively for those who grasp the gravity/benefits of being safer"

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