a crucial   yet often overlooked/excluded   aspect

All our offerings leverage our Safer_Computing™ Platform  (with  No_AI™ &  Ethical_AI™  options)  and  encompass:

Basically, we do all this & more so our customers  want to be with us  and  not have to be with us!

steadfast & thankful for the 15+ years of Safer_Computing™ (2005~2020)

powered by minds involved in the evolution of computing, over the 30+ years

If you are wondering,  why the following  4  soft-launch announcements & more  are …

If you are wondering,  why  "soft-launch"  … 

2020:  While the world was hurting and many Tech companies grew …  we shifted focus to our people and our Houston community in-need  via™,  cancelled our 15th anniversary celebrations, and delayed  related announcements, and events … to 2021/2022.

suffice to say there is more to why we are characterized by 3 Microsoft Case Studies as niche / boutique / enablers!

Zane Moreign's Simple_Safety™

Certain level of computing safety should be free for all.   Thank our Zane Moreign (Incubation Labs: R&D-1) for his years of invaluable offerings, at no-charge for friends of our community effort!

1  ⊹  announcing … the  completely  NEW  slew  of  Zane Moreign's  Simple_Safety™ Series  of  Talks, Articles, Video, and more

(e.g., spanning simple How-To's, Product Reviews, reviving his twitter handle @ZaneMoreign, and a whole lot more)

2  ⊹  announcing … Zane Moreign's   Simple_Safety™   Digital_Privacy_&_Survival_Kit (DPSK) … release scheduled for 2021-Q2

simplify your life … with  Safer_Computing™  and

Hybrid Decisions SaferOS™

3  announcing … next round of applications opened for those interested in getting access to our Hybrid Decisions® SaferOS™

— the operating system at the heart of our Hybrid Decisions®  Safer_Computing™  Platform  

— available exclusively  via our Safer_Devices™ (client-side, e.g., laptops, 2-in-1's, hand-helds, IoT, etc.),  and our Safer_Appliances™ (server-side, e.g., 288-core  small  HPC Appliance)

4  announcing … Hybrid Decisions® Confidential Access Program (HDC-CAP)       

"Exclusively for those who grasp the gravity/benefits of being safer"

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  • Why was SaferOS™ created?           
  • What sets SaferOS™ apart from Windows & MacOS?
  • How can I get SaferOS™ now?

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