as simple as putting on a seat-belt™

Safer_Computing™ Platform

  • This is a crafted blend of Products (e.g., closed & open-source from us and others),
  • infused with Patterns & Practices (e.g., pro-privacy, ethical computing),
  • while adhering to global Policies (e.g., GDPR),
  • and weaved into existing business Processes to cater to your specific needs.

NOTE: Hybrid Decisions® offerings have been powered by Safer_Computing™ … since our inception in 2005.

The Insider Program

for those who grasp the gravity of being "safer" ...

We have heard you and have opened an "Insider Program" — however, due to our desire for Quality, we can only accept few select customers, on a case-by-case basis — the good-news is on a rolling-basis … interested? click here to apply.

The FREE Friends-n-Family Toolkit

  • After the surge of ransomware in 2016, coupled with the massive Telemetry Gathering in Windows 10, Zane Moreign (of our Incubation Labs) launched his Simple_Safety™ series to offer simple safer computing tools-n-tips to our Friends-n-Family and Community — for FREE — by carving out some $0 Tools-n-Tips from our commercial Hybrid Decisions® Safer_Computing™ Platform (gist above)

  • Over the years Zane has evolved this into the Hybrid Decisions® Safer_Computing™ Friends-n-Family Toolkit offered at no-charge/FREE per our simple terms & conditions in the footer of this web page.

  • All credit goes to Zane for creating this and continuing to make every effort to keep this toolkit up-to-date and current with the latest release of Windows 10, and for getting sponsorship/recognition from us/Hybrid Decisions®, Tor Project, DoD/US Air Force Research Labs, and others.

You can get some of these ZERO-DOLLAR ($0) Tools-n-Tips from his articles


for more, FOLLOW him on to attend one of his Talks.