Hybrid Decisions® Safer_Computing™ Operating System



the peace of mind of zero disruptions & downtime

( due to any operating system updates / viruses / ransomware / etc. )

enjoyed by our SaferOS™ customers for 7+ years and counting

"After Windows10 updates lost my files, I managed to get into HDC's confidential program, and got a SaferOS™ laptop; for the past few years I have had no update issues or viruses. I feel bad for those who are on Windows, suffering with update issues, viruses, and risk of ransomware."

— Luke M., another happy customer (non-techie)

pre-announcing … next round of applications for our Safer_Computing™ Operating System … Hybrid Decisions® SaferOS™

— exclusively on our Safer_Devices™ (client-side, e.g., laptops, 2-in-1's, hand-helds, IoT, etc.), and our Safer_Appliances™ (server-side, e.g., 288-core small HPC Appliance)

1) What is SaferOS™ ?

  • an {immutable + compartmentalized + hybrid} Operating System (built over the past decade)

  • with {hardened + optimized} Kernel AND {pro-privacy + encrypted + sandoxed} Apps & dApps (decentralized apps)

  • is at the heart of our much bigger overall pro-privacy Hybrid Decisions® Safer_Computing™ Platform that's been evolving for many years

2) What sets SaferOS™ apart ?

just 3 of the many benefits, in addtion to the 4 obvious benefits, pro-privacy, cost, safety, & stabillity

  • immutable = insulates you from operating system upgrade issues/snafu's, by giving you the ability to roll-back your entire operating system :-)

  • compartmentalized = insulates you from a misbehaving app or website, by compartmentalizing each of them!

  • hybrid = you can have your corporate/enterprise image of Microsoft Windows inside SaferOS™ and both you and your IT will not have to worry about what would happen if your Windows' updates burps or gets infected :-)

3) Why SaferOS™ ?

  • in addition to our Microsoft tech stack … we always had a non-Microsoft stack, being C & Unix technologists (since before windows).

  • decades of staying ahead-of-the-curve as early adopters, we recognized Microsoft pivoting in 2011 (just 1 example: Microsoft's switch to per-core licensing) to becoming a cloud commodity provider.

  • to insulate our customers (& ourselves) from changes, such as, user-interface/win8-start-menu, costs/licenses, vulnerabilities/ransomware/etc., and more.
    … yes, we have been dog-fooding it for quite a while :-)

trust you see there is quite a bit more breadth & depth to our capabilities —( technologists / techies who get the business of technology ) than we care to advertize/market!

Awesome, how can I get SaferOS™ now?

anyone can apply via the below HDC-CAP; but only SELECT/vetted customers are approved

announcing … Hybrid Decisions® Confidential Access Program (HDC-CAP)
"Exclusively for those who grasp the gravity/benefits of being safer"

  • The HDC-CAP is a single application for HDC PRE-RELEASE and HDC RESERVED Offerings for SELECT/vetted Customers. This unified HDC-CAP replaces & expands upon the HDC Insider Program that gave access only to HDC Pre-Releases. NOTE: All participants will have access to Hybrid Decisions® SaferOS™

  • ALL of HDC Offerings are available only via HDC-CAP due to the sensitive nature of our pro-privacy SaferOS™ click here to apply
    NOTE: Interested in only Microsoft licenses and not Hardware or any other HDC Offering? click here to apply

  • All participants' names will continue to be kept confidential, just as we have done all along with our "HDC Insider Program" participants
    NOTE: we are quite unique and do not feel the need to disclose who our customers are as it is part of our confidentiality

~~~ HDC Insider Program covered only pre-release software … End-of-Life (EOL) 2020 ~~~

In an effort to give the "Edge" for our Customers, we launched the "Insider Program" that gave our Customers access to PRE-RELEASE Offerings, so they could leap-frog their competition. We could only accept a select few customers, on a case-by-case basis.