Hybrid Decisions®  SaferOS™ : the operating system of Hybrid Decisions®  Safer_Computing™ Platform™


the peace of mind of  zero  disruptions & downtime

( due to  any  operating system updates / viruses / ransomware / etc. )

enjoyed by our SaferOS™ customers  for  10+  years and counting

"After Windows10 updates lost my files, I managed to get into HDC's confidential program, and get a SaferOS™ laptop*.    For the past few years I have had no update issues or viruses.  I feel bad for those (around me) who are on Windows, suffering with update issues, viruses, and even  ransomware."

— Rev.  Fr.  Luke M.,   another happy customer  (non-techie)

 What is SaferOS™?

SaferOS™ is an operating system that encourages defensive_computing  

think defensive driving for computing™ 

in non-techie speak:  

SaferOS™ is an operating system that strives to be —

in computing/technology terms:  

SaferOS™  is

Hybrid Decisions® SaferOS™ is at the heart of our pro-privacy  Safer_Computing™  Platform  and is available exclusively — 

 only for SELECT/vetted customers via HDC-CAP  due to pro-privacy usage concerns (details below)

 What sets SaferOS™ apart from Windows & MacOS?

in addition to striving to be  pro-privacy,  safer,  simpler,  un-intrusive,  stable,  reliable,  etc.
below are just 3  of the many benefits/features that come built-in,  

and here's just 1 of the many thought processes that went into making  SaferOS™   

 Why SaferOS™? 
especially when giants like Windows & MacOS control the market

because our customers were fed up …

so, we leveraged our decades of technical expertise … and SaferOS™ was born!  

in computing/technology terms:    

  … SaferOS™ has been in-stealth privately for many years now :-)

trust you see there is quite a bit more breadth & depth to our capabilities than we care to advertize/market! 

e.g., we are technologists who get the business of technology & the importance of being upfront, clear, concise, & simple — when speaking non-tech & tech. 

Awesome,  how can I get SaferOS™ now?

apply via the below HDC-CAP … 

announcing … Hybrid Decisions® Confidential Access Program (HDC-CAP)
      "Exclusively for those who grasp the gravity/benefits of being safer"

~~~ HDC Insider Program covered only pre-release software … End-of-Life (EOL) 2020 ~~~

In an effort to give the "Edge" for our Customers, we launched the "Insider Program" that gave our Customers access to PRE-RELEASE Offerings, so they could leap-frog their competition.  We could only accept a select few customers, on a case-by-case basis.  Now this program is expired and complete replaced by the HDC-CAP offering.