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1.   Attention: outsourcingvendors — you're wasting your time — here's why:

★   our  Customers  trust  our  quality  knowing  we  can  actually  back  our  Offerings!

 BTW:  this is not a sales/fluff pitch — just fact,  proof:  Microsoft recognized us with  3 Case Studies by Microsoft on us/our-products!

2.   Why  we  use  secure  online  forms  for  FIRST-CONTACT

AFTER we receive your First-Contact — you will receive an email with direct phone to a person in the US to take care of you :-)

3.  basically, time is precious — 

if you care about time,   want quality,   recognize caliber,   appreciate straight-forward  no-bull  communication  …  then you can grasp our true value + benefit the most from us … we welcome you!

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NOTE:  If you are trying to sell us something, just know you are wasting your time! 

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