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Outsource​ Vendors — please do NOT waste your time offering us your services — here's why :

  • we DO all our development "​in-house"​ (USA)
  • we DO NOT slap our name on "outsourced"​ software development

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why secure online forms for FIRST-CONTACT?

… "communication is key" …

  • secure forms cuts-thru-the-noise (e.g., spam, bots, marketeers, outsource vendors, etc,), saving significant amount of "time = life"
  • gives you control of what gets into the forms, and we get to read your words the way you meant it.
  • enabling us to get back to you, (a) faster with, (b) a more pertinent response, and (c) our direct email & phone number … for all further communication :-)

If you still want to call-in, you are welcome to leave us a message at seven one three, three six four, three six four three (FYI: this limits screen scrapers)

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trust you recognize & desire our "noise-free, common sense" caliber + our credentials earned over the years from Tier-1 companies like Microsoft!

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