globally honed  &  made in America

our products consistently earned us Microsoft  GOLD  Partner status …  since 2005, 
the year we were founded,  right up until the year Microsoft  changed  the Partner Program¹
away from ISV partners who built products with Microsoft tech  ~to~  those who just sell Microsoft-cloud-services

… by then our Customers were enjoying  zero disruptions & downtime, with our  pro-privacy Safer_Computing™ Platform + SaferOS

below is the  proof of how long we have been involved in the evolution of computing, that now powers AI (e.g., Azure)

recognized   "Front Runner"  in  the  evolution  of  "Hybrid  Computing" … as early as 2008

Front Runner  logos  were  issued 30 days prior to  &  up to 60 days after  Microsoft released new version of their product — as a means to recognize the capabilities of Early Adopters ISV Partners — primarily those who,  (a) actively contributed to the development of Microsoft's products,  and (b)  had  their own product(s)  tested & ready  for/on the NEW version of that Microsoft's product.          

We  achieved  "Front Runner"  status  in  EVERY  Microsoft Product  that  offered  this  recognition!

Based on our performance,  we have achieved 3 case studies,  and our certified products have earned us the Front Runner status in multiple Generation of technologies (Gen2008™,  Gen2010™, Gen2012™) ... are evolved & enhanced on a rolling basis.

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We also had the privilege of being  Launch Partners with Microsoft in 2 cities (Dallas and Houston),  in 2 of 3 tracks (IT & Dev),   and  the only US partner worldwide  to be spotlighted in 2 of 3 tracks and in 2 cities.  It is even more cherished by us as Microsoft changed significantly thereafter (including its logo with the launch of Windows 8) and therefore making this  Microsoft's  LAST  multi-product  Launch Tour … an end of an era!  

We remain thankful to our Board of Advisors  {experienced founders, executives, technologists,  professionals, veterans}   for sharing their wisdom with us through the years — THANK YOU!

Hybrid Decisions Corp is a US Corporation, based in Houston, Texas.     Founded in 2005,  and  powered/lead  by  those  who have evolved with the Computing industry and the Business of Technology,  over the last 25+ years,  across multiple-continents.  Constantly staying ahead of the curve by being hand-on with pre-release tech  (e.g., Microsoft,  Google,  Linux/Open Source, etc.).   Thus being able to provide longer-lasting practical computing today, that can grow with tomorrow — resulting in a higher ROI. 

We are a one-stop-shop spanning multiple computing industry segments {SCP + CSP + MSP + VAR + SI + ISV} ... and have been Simplifying Hybrid Computing®   with   Products, Platforms, Processes, and  Specialty Services  — e.g., provide strategies/blueprints, and execute them to completion,   irrespective of whether the needs are  Software,  Hardware,  Appliances (e.g., Fujitsu Servers + Microsoft Software + Our Software + Our Managed Services),  Resources,  or  Services. 

Currently  we  are  actively  involved  with  multiple  technologies (e.g.,  AI/ML,  Hybrid Cloud,  Blockchain,  etc.) — from multiple Tier-1 vendors, such as,  Microsoft,  Google,  AWS,  RedHat, and others — 

some of  our  strategic  relationships   with  Tier-1  companies … over the years

means  you  get  the  best-of-breed  Cloud | Software | Hardware — means relevant to your need — via  us,   your 1-stop shop

since year-1, of our founding in 2005 …  

our Products were certified by Microsoft and consistently earned us, 

powering our Hardware & Appliances … since 2005



Google, and  more …

¹ 2021 update:   Microsoft & Intel have changed their Partner Programs to focus on partners who just resell their offerings away from partners who built products with their tech — this has ZERO impact on our achievements earned over the decades as we are partners who create products (i.e., ISV = Independent Software Vendors)

We remain thankful to all the Microsofties, going back decades, who helped us grow  &  get-recognized

tid-bit:  Coming from C & Unix (pre-windows),  we have always had both windows & unix/linux.  Being an active part of the evolution of this industry, we could see Microsoft pivoting as early 2011 (Microsoft announced SQL Server per-core licensing).  So, we ramped up our Linux based Offerings (e.g., 288-core small  Hybrid Cloud Appliance for Windows & Linux) ……… now, in 2021 we are happy to announce the next wave of our Safer_Computing™ Platform with  SaferOS™.