globally honed & made in America

recognized "Front Runner" in the evolution of "Hybrid Computing" … as early as 2008

Front Runner logos were issued 30 days prior to & up to 60 days after Microsoft released new version of their product — as a means to recognize the capabilities of Early Adopters ISV Partners — primarily those who, (a) actively contributed to the development of Microsoft's products, and (b) had their own product(s) tested & ready for/on the NEW version of that Microsoft's product.

We achieved "Front Runner" status in EVERY Microsoft Product that offered this recognition!

Based on our performance, we have achieved 3 case studies, and our certified products have earned us the Front Runner status in multiple Generation of technologies (Gen2008™, Gen2010™, Gen2012™) ... are evolved & enhanced on a rolling basis.

To reduce logo-overload

  • we have only displayed the difficult-to-obtain Front Runner logos and refrained from displaying other standard open-to-all certified product logos, e.g., "Certified for Windows 7" ~or~ "Certified for SQL Server 2016".

  • the slew of individual verifiable certifications and more that our folks achieve(d) while with us have been moved to, e.g., Valentino Moreign and Zane Moreign are just 2 examples from our Incubation Labs!

We also had the privilege of being Launch Partners with Microsoft in 2 cities (Dallas and Houston), in 2/3 tracks (IT & Dev), and the only US partner worldwide to be spotlighted in 2/3 tracks and in 2 cities. It is even more cherished by us as Microsoft changed significantly thereafter (including its logo with the launch of Windows 8) and therefore making this Microsoft's LAST multi-product Launch Tour … an end of an era!

our Products consistently earned us Microsoft GOLD Partner status … since 2005, the year we were founded

We remain thankful to our Board of Advisors {experienced founders, executives, technologists, professionals, veterans} for sharing their wisdom with us through the years — THANK YOU!

Hybrid Decisions Corp is a US Corporation, based in Houston, Texas. Founded in 2005, and powered/lead by those who have evolved with the Computing industry and the Business of Technology, over the last 25+ years, across multiple-continents. Constantly staying ahead of the curve by being hand-on with pre-release tech (e.g., Microsoft, Google, Linux/Open Source, etc.). Thus being able to provide longer-lasting practical computing today, that can grow with tomorrow — resulting in a higher ROI.

We are a one-stop-shop spanning multiple computing industry segments {SCP + CSP + MSP + VAR + SI + ISV} ... and have been Simplifying Hybrid Computing® with Products, Platforms, Processes, and Specialty Services — e.g., provide strategies/blueprints, and execute them to completion, irrespective of whether the needs are Software, Hardware, Appliances (e.g., Fujitsu Servers + Microsoft Software + Our Software + Our Managed Services), Resources, or Services.

Currently we are actively involved with multiple technologies (e.g., AI/ML, Hybrid Cloud, Blockchain, etc.) — from multiple Tier-1 vendors, such as, Microsoft, Google, AWS, RedHat, and others —

  • to enable us continue "help shape/evolve {our corner of} the world for a better tomorrow"™

  • by leveraging existing investments with new & emerging computing = Simplifying Hybrid Computing®