Anthony (since 1991) & Samantha (since 1993) have been evolving with the Computing Industry across multiple business verticals (such as: Energy, Finance, Manufacturing, Academia/IT Education, Broadcasting and Media) — across multiple continents — all the while staying ahead of the curve, by being hands-on with technologies — present & pre-release/future … such as: Microsoft Cloud – Azure since 2008, with SharePoint since before it was called SharePoint, with Parallel Computing since the pre-release bits, etc. Having risen through the ranks to lead and establish new business ventures, together, they have the unique ability to see from multiple disparate perspective, e.g., bottom-up to-down Computing + Business/Financial + Human Element … thus able to truly enable Quality-of-Life/Business.

  • Anthony has been on the Customer Advisory Board for companies such as Microsoft; is personally involved with the next generation of products from Microsoft and was a guest on Microsoft Technet Edge regarding Cloud Computing. He was on the Developer Council, Architect Council and the Partner Specialist Program, run by Microsoft South Central DPE (pre-windows 8 era). Anthony Moreign was nicknamed {Tex} by the Community (Houston). In an effort to give back to the Community, Tex founded the Houston Cloud 'n' Cluster Computing User Group with Samantha. He continues to be actively involved with the Community by speaking/presenting at various Conferences (Houston Tech Fest, SQL Saturday, SharePoint Saturday, etc.)

  • Samantha directs and manages operations of Hybrid Decisions (including Community Efforts. such as, HCCUG.org) … in a manner that Hybrid Decisions has been and continues to be a zero-debt company. This enables Hybrid Decisions to continue be/play a pro-active part in the evolution of Computing, more specifically Hybrid Computing, and to continue being active in multiple Early Adopter Computing Programs — that translates to, our customers get a strategic edge over their competition.

We remain thankful to our Board of Advisors {experienced founders, executives, technologists, professionals, veterans} for continuing to share their wisdom with us through the years — THANK YOU!