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Judgement against Mr. Thomas Kurian, 4011 Alexis Tate Circle, Missouri City, Texas 77459.

  1. Mr. Thomas Kurian, Certified Public Accountant, was never an officer of Hybrid Decisions Corp, and was only an external CPA briefly. During that time, Mr. Thomas Kurian wrongfully took loans from Hybrid Decisions Corp. Suffice to say, the abstract of the "Judgement awarded in favor of Hybrid Decisions Corp" is recorded in various counties.

  1. Mr. Thomas Kurian also facilitated loans to his associate, and suffice to say there is a another Judgement against that person too.

  1. Mr. Thomas Kurian filed for bankruptcy, which was denied/thrown-out by the Federal Judge, with notes.

  1. These judgements are against him personally (not his firm, see image below).

  1. Though only the loans were pursued, not anything else (e.g., breach of fiduciary duty, etc., and report to the Texas State Board of Public Accountancy), Mr. Thomas Kurian, as a CPA, is well aware of the legally accruing Judgement amounts, and has chosen to continue operating in bad-faith, and then some.

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